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Conference location

IGESA Center, Porquerolles

Please visit:

For assistance, do not hesitate to contact the LOC.

The conference center is located on the Porquerolles island which is only accessible by boat.

The boat landing stage to the Porquerolles Island is called "La Tour Fondue" (Google map link of departure port)

Regardless of your travel origin, please save enough time for the Hyères/Tour Fondue transfer. Despite being only 20min away by car, the transfer can take up to one hour during summer/late summer period.

Depending on your travel strategy, you may be interested in the options 1), 2) or 3) and then book your boat ticket (you can buy your ticket at la Tour Fondue) 



 Case 1) From Toulon/Hyeres Airport <-> La Tour Fondue (boat departure)


  • (EASIEST/FASTEST/RECOMMENDED) Taxi: from the "Toulon-Hyeres airport" to "La Tour Fondue"

(~20 min, ~20€,


  • Bus:  L63 from "Aéroport Toulon/Hyères" to "Peupliers" and then L67 to "Tour Fondue" (/!\ check the time table for time coordination) ==> Link to Bus Journey Planner



 Case 2) From Toulon Train Station <-> La Tour Fondue (boat departure)



  • Bus + Taxi: L.7801, 7802, 8814 from "Toulon - Gare Routière" to "Hyères - Gambetta" (~30min, 3€) + Taxi from "Hyères-Gambetta" (~12min, 22-27€) to "La Tour Fondue" ==> Link to Bus Journey Planner



 Case 3) From Hyères City Center <-> La Tour Fondue (boat departure)




In any case) Boat from La Tour Fondue <-> Porquerolles

There is commonly a boat every 30 min at this period (Be sure to check the time table below).

The return ticket is around 20€.

Link to TLV-TVM website

(/!\ English version might be buggy)




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