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Unveiling the physical conditions around black holes is one of the major astrophysical challenges of the 21st century. Indeed we are still at the dawn of black hole astrophysics and very little about these objects is understood:


accretion flow

What are the geometry, dynamics and energetics of the accretion flow onto the black hole?

How can the accretion of material onto the black hole be simultaneously intimately related to violent relativistic ejecta and/or powerful self-confined persistent jets?



What are the processes at the origin of the fascinating hysteresis cycles observed in some X ray binaries?

This 5-day workshop (limited to 70 persons to ease discussions) aims at gathering together theorists, observers and specialists of the field, discuss the latest results and review the current state of our understanding of the physics powering these sources.

Large dedicated time will be devoted to the following specific points :

  • Global evolution, multi wavelength connections,  Q-shape
  • Fast temporal variability and spectro-timing
  • Focus on specific sources (e.g. GX 339-4 vs V404 Cyg), outliers
  • The AGN-CV-NS-BH "Grand Unification"
  • Very high energy emission of accreting/ejecting sources
  • future perspective and new instruments

The program will be organized in sessions centered around a limited number of invited reviews, with contributed presentations and ample time for discussion. Young researchers will be encouraged to contribute.


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Lieu: île de Porquerolles, Centre IGECA

Dates: 25-29 septembre 2017

Instituts: IPAG, IRAP, AIM, U. de Grenoble


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